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I’m Robby Cuthbert – an artist and designer based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. I love creating things and always have. After years of playing with every building set I could get my hands on, I went on to study sculpture and architecture at Williams College. My current style is a result of a cross pollination between those two media: I combine the careful planning and engineering mindset characteristic of architecture with the freedom of form allowed by sculpture.

It is my aim to create truly unique and artistically conceived works that can be enjoyed by more than just a select few. With this in mind, my current focus is on designing functional art that can be produced on a slightly larger scale. Tools like CNC machines and laser cutters are crucial aids in the effort to bring my work to many people.

While sculptural furniture design is at the core of my business, it is by no means my only focus. Check back often to see the range of exciting products I’ll be rolling out!

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Robby Cuthbert in Bamboo Desk Chair