Signature Lamp

Welcome to the new site! I’ve been working on a bunch of new stuff for the past couple months and now it’s finally time to share what I’ve been up to! I have several new designs that I’m ready to release and I’ll be posting about them for the next few days. Today’s feature is the Signature Lamp!

The Signature lamp is a compact LED lamp that, like many of my other works, makes use of steel cable under tension to create a carefully balanced system. The design for the Signature lamp was inspired by the logo that I developed for my new business. Creating the logo, I wanted a simple form that would capture the essence of my work and the design I eventually came up with was not based off of any particular piece, but I thought it worked well. I started thinking about how I could make something physical out of this abstract, 2D form and quickly settled on the idea of a lamp. I had wanted to experiment with LEDs for a while now and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. The logo design was, or course, not well suited to incorporate a traditional light bulb, but LEDs might just fit perfectly in the thin curve that was the central element of the logo design.

Sketch for Signature Lamp

The design process took some trial and error and, surprisingly, the most difficult part was finding the right LEDs and, even more so, a good light switch. I spent hours online looking at different switches (I don’t think anything else is more boring) and tried out a few lemons before I finally found one that fit the look of the lamp well. Developing the sculptural design of the lamp was a whole lot more fun. The logo provided me with a general idea of what I wanted things to look like and I took it from there.

Unassembled parts for the Signature Lamp. You can see the CNC - cut channels for the LEDs and electric wiring.

I used the exact shape of the curve from the logo as the central element of the lamp and used a CNC machine to cut all of the pieces and create all the channels necessary to hide the electric wiring. What I ended up with was a mahogany curve perched atop a red oak base and supported by cables under tension running between the two. I had never used either of these woods before, but I decided early on that I wanted two contrasting natural colors and these two fit the bill. I think they worked out great! I didn’t use any adhesive or fasteners to hold the curve in place; it just sits in a small groove cut into the base so that it doesn’t slide anywhere. The LEDs I chose are ultra bright, so the final step was to find a nice light transmitting acrylic to cover them. The end result is a functional, compact lamp that I’m really excited to share with everyone!

Signature Lamp from behind

The lamp in an otherwise pitch black room... It's pretty bright!

The Signature Lamp in its natural habitat.