Editor's Choice at Maker Faire

Ready for the first day of the fair.

This past weekend, I attended the Bay Area Maker Faire for the first time. It was great to see the crazy things different people think up and also to talk to thousands of people about my own work. On the last day, my work was selected as an Editor's Choice. Make magazine wrote a short article about my work and also posted a video of me discussing it. 

The fair was full of 3D printer displays, robotics and fire-breathing robots, but my favorite things were the homemade carnival rides. I've always loved amusement parks and even went so far as to build a section of rideable roller coaster track in my garage when I was 14. The pedal-powered swings and ferris wheel along with the parking lot roller coaster are the sorts of things I would love to build some day.

Editors Choice 2015!

The crowds were a little intimidating at first. Estimates put attendance around 150,000 for the weekend.

Probably my favorite things I saw... I was disappointed I couldn't ride it.

Pedal-powered swings... These things got going pretty fast!

Pedal powered ferris wheel!