Peering Lamp

Now for the third of my new products – the Peering Lamp!

A close-up of the LED module without the light-transmitting acrylic cover.

If you saw my post two days ago, you might notice that this design is very similar to that of the Signature Lamp. After finishing work on the signature lamp, I was so psyched about LEDs and the mahogany and oak design I had just come up with that I wanted to create more. I had figured out most of the annoying, time-consuming details (like what light switch to use and how to mount all the wiring inside the lamp base) with my first run-through, and I could now make another pass without having to deal with any or that.

With this new lamp, I decided to go in a different direction in terms of cabling. In my other works I employ cables as structural elements, but I often use more than I have to in order to create interesting, intersecting contours. With this design, however, I wanted to experiment with a more minimal approach. It was my aim to use as few cables as possible to create a stable system without using any other fasteners or adhesives. As I soon discovered, I only needed two cables to achieve stability. The first cable passes through the lamp’s mahogany curve low down near the base and pulls it downward and forward. The second cable passes through the base higher up and pulls it downward and backward. As such, both cables pull the curve down and firmly into a small notch in the base, thus keeping it from sliding anywhere. At the same time, the cable cables provide forward and backward forces that cancel out and have the net result of holding the mahogany curve solidly in place. With seemingly so little needed to hold everything in place, I opted for an exaggerated, large curve that would suggest imminent movement as it leaned forward and away from the small base.

View from the front

From the back. With this design, my aim was to create a sense of impending motion.

The Peering Lamp in its natural environemnt

Brightness test... The lamp provides a lot of light!  

You can check out the product page for the Peering Lamp here