Bamboo Growth Charts for Kids

Time to write about the last of my new products: Bamboo growth charts for kids. These are pretty different from my usual work – they lack the cables and sculptural elements I love so much - and were inspired by my niece’s first birthday last February. I designed the first growth chart as a gift and ended up really liking the idea and the way it turned out. My girlfriend and I had gone around to a bunch of baby stores looking for the perfect present, but nothing really jumped out at us. We started thinking about something we could make instead and eventually came up with the idea of a custom growth chart. My sister and I always liked getting our heights marked on the wall as we were growing, but when we moved we lost the markings forever. With that in mind, I decided to create a design that would be fun for kids to look at and which could also be easily removed from the wall, folded up, and transported if a family moved. I was so happy with the result after making the first chart for my niece that I decided to design a few more and offer them for sale. Each height chart is made of three bamboo panels with laser-etched designs that I originally created as pen drawings. Each chart also has a place where a child’s name can be laser-etched to customize the piece (either above the monkey, along the topmost tree branch or on the rocket). I’ll probably end up making more gifts for my niece and if they turn out well I’ll be sure to post about them here! I’m thinking something with wheels for her next birthday… An awesome mobile sculpture car maybe?