The Robby Cuthbert Design Signature Task Lamp. Inspired by the Robby Cuthbert Design logo, this is a modern sculptural task lamp featuring a red oak base and mahogany curve. The mahogany curve is held in place solely by the tension provided by the steel cables. LED lights are recessed in the mahogany curve.
Contour Coffee table by robby cuthbert. A modern, sculptural, architecturally-inspired coffee table made with plyboo bamboo and wire. The base is held together by steel cable under tension and a piece of glass is placed on top to serve as the tabletop. 
Suspemsion shelf by robby cuthbert. A modern sculptural shelf made of mahogany, red oak and steel cable. Architecturally inspired and built with an engineering mindset. Suspension bridges were a big inspiration for this design as steel cables are used to support the cantilevered shelf.
Contour Lamp by Robby Cuthbert. Made of bamboo with a rice paper shade, the Contour Lamp is a modern sculptural piece that uses steel cables to help support the central S-curve. The cables cross each other as they stretch from curve to base, thus creating beautiful contours.
A laser-engraved height chart for kids! Used to measure your children as they grow, the designs are laser etched onto beautiful sustainable plyboo bamboo plywood. The chart is easily folded for convenient transport.